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Top 10 Interesting and Innovative IoT and Smart Projects of 2016

The recent revolution of objects ‘coming to life’, collecting data and interacting with humans and machines on a daily basis has caused many companies to come up with the most jaw dropping technologies yet! Some of them are potentially life-saving and others are cool gadgets but all of them are proof how technology and humans have become inseparable. Let’s take a look at a few projects of 2016.

1. Sensor Sphere Rolling Cam

SensorSphere is a staggering innovation. A spherical camera -it’s effectively a ball – it can be rolled around your home remotely via smartphone, removing the need for multiple cameras in various rooms. It features a HD camera with thermal imaging and night vision capabilities, several sensors which include a smoke detector, temperature/humidity sensor, flash light and IR transmitter among others. The idea for SensorSphere, which can also locate a charging station and dock itself for remote recharging, was hatched as a means of providing thorough situational awareness to emergency services during a break-in, fire or other incident.

2. June Smart Oven  

The June connected oven identifies what you’re cooking through its camera and suggests how best to make it. It has an ability to remember your foods and learn so you get the best version of your meal each time. Built-in camera and precision time and temperature sensors let you monitor the cooking process via June’s app. When your meal is almost ready, June will ping your phone wherever you are. It’s an awesome addition to your kitchen especially if you’re a cooking fanatic.


3. Pet Chatz

Pet Chatz is a smart device which enables you to connect with your pet back home to check up on them. As funny as it may seem, most pet owners get anxious while away from their furry friends for too long. Now you can not only call them and see them thanks to the cam but there’s an additional smart device which enables your pet to call you. The main piece which you mount to the wall dispenses treats to encourage your pet to ‘chat’ with you. Super smart and super fun!


4. Pura Smart Cat Drinking Device

This smart, connected bowl is designed especially for your feline’s comfort and so that they don’t dip their whiskers. Cats are quite lousy drinkers so having a bowl which purifies the water and monitors your cat’s drinking activity is the perfect accessory.


5. Buddy Smart Dog Collar

Buddy GPS is the next generation in smart wearable for your pet and the first smart collar to incorporate illuminating LED lighting with cellular GPS tracking and activity monitoring for your dog. You no longer need to be afraid of losing your dog and you can keep an eye on their health and behavioral patterns. It even enables you to control the dog’s body temperature and regulate the heat in your house to best suit the dog.


6. The Mimo Smart Baby Movement Monitor

Mimo uses a smart, washable crib sheet to show parents their baby’s sleep activity and movement on their smartphone or tablet (works with iOS only). Parents and caregivers can see live data, and the Mimo Movement Monitor also sends alerts (via push notification) if no movement has been detected after a certain period of time. In addition, a timeline is generated each morning to show your little one’s activity throughout the night. The Movement Monitor Turtle can also be used with Mimo kimonos and bodysuits.

7. Google & Levi’s Project Jaquard

Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms. Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces. The complementary components are engineered to be as discreet as possible. We developed innovative techniques to attach the conductive yarns to connectors and tiny circuits, no larger than the button on a jacket. These miniaturized electronics capture touch interactions, and various gestures can be inferred using machine-learning algorithms.

Captured touch and gesture data is wirelessly transmitted to mobile phones or other devices to control a wide range of functions, connecting the user to online services, apps, or phone features.

LEDs, haptics, and other embedded outputs provide feedback to the user, seamlessly connecting them to the digital world.

8. LikeAGlove

It’s not easy to find jeans that fit, especially if you are an online shopping enthusiast. However with the new smart leggings technology which have sensors in them and can measure your shape in seconds getting these perfect denims is a piece of cake. Put the smart leggings on, press ‘measure’ and stand up straight. Leggings measure you and send the data over Bluetooth to the app. The app will then browse the web and help you choose the jeans that will fit and flatter you best. Not sure if this invention has changed the world but it sure sounds fun!


 9. Connected City Cybercom Smart Parking

This Innovative solution consist of a few elements: The app which shows the user free parking spots based on the geofencing function. Secondly, the sensors which monitor spaces based on Intel Quark systems. And finally, the front end app which facilitates parking management as well as back end servers needed for collecting, storing and analyzing data. This system saves time, fuel and ensures the correct use of disabled parking spots. smart parking cybercom car photo


10. Misfit Shine 2

This wearable fitness and sleep tracker is useful and will send activity logs and sleep detail to your phone but most of all it’s very classy and stylish, unlike many of its kind.