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Polish Programmers Among Best in The World | Ranking of Developers

Given the huge variety of programming skills required to be named the best developer in the world you may wonder how it’s possible to rank. Well, thanks to HackerRank we now have a pretty detailed and comprehensive ranking which gives us insight into where the best developers are and why.



HackerRank is a platform that scores and ranks engineers based on their coding skills and helps businesses find the talent they’re looking for. Thousands of coding challenges for developers are presented to test developers and help them improve their skills and speed. Over 1.5 million developers are ranked based on their speed and accuracy in areas such as: algorithms, java, data structures, C++ and many others.




After such thorough examination of talent from all over the world the findings were quite surprising. Placing was based on average scores across the challenge categories. Despite the United States and India being the largest providers of developers they failed to rank in the top half. They placed quite poorly, 28th and 31st respectively.

As for the winners, the top 3 spots were taken by China, Russia and Poland. Polish programmers dominated mostly the challenges connected with Java (1st place), Algorithms (2nd place) and Python (2nd place). 



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(image source: HackerRank)

Polish Programmers' Accomplishments


This informative ranking is not the first opportunity to show the excellence of Polish developers and programmers. The biggest and probably best-known programming competition in the world – TopCoder, with 272,348 members from over 200 countries. It features three categories (graphic design, software development and data science), and these comprise of six “tracks” in the TopCoder Open: algorithm, development, information architecture (IA), marathon, UI design and prototype. The Topcoder Open (TCO) competition is held online for an entire year, then the finalists compete in a live event.

In the 2014 the TCO had two Polish champions: Łukasz Sentkiewicz who received the top prize in Development and Przemysław Dębiak who won the Marathon (data science).


The Google Code Jam was founded in 2003 as a way to find and hire the best programmers. In 2012 Pole Jakub Pachocki, having beaten 35 000 other competitiors, claimed first place.

Founded in 2011, is yet to see a year without a Polish medalist. In 2012 and 2014, Polish programmer Tomek Czajka took home the silver medal, and in 2013 the Jakub Pachocki won silver and Marcin Smulewicz came third.

The Polish Team from the University of Warsaw took first place in 2007.

In the first edition in 2014 Polish Team Need For C won against 2 500 other teams.