What we do

Innovation Zone offers the possibility to evaluate and assess new ideas, develop working prototypes in emerging technologies and run pilot projects in an agile innovative environment.


Working prototypes are our deliveries. We believe in quick development and testing of ideas. We always work in cross competence teams. This way we provide tangible results allowing our clients to better understand and explain their visions with their innovative ideas or new emerging technologies.

The value prototypes brings to our clients is to reduce their risk, to learn and to support decisions for comming investments in new business and technologies.


Magic happens when business, technology and forward thinkers join forces. In our incubator we challenge ideas and provide business and technological expertise to help the next start-up succeed.

Going forward together

Innovation Zone believe in learning and developing business through sharing experiences. We are always searching for new opportunities by working together with partners.

A partnership with Innovation Zone means that we will work together with a common goal to find new markets, solutions and business models.

If we find the right case, Innovation Zone will invest in time, know-how and relations in order to reach a common success.

Boosting Your Innovation

Innovation Zone is also expert in using and developing methods and processes that boosts a creative and Innovative friendly culture and working climate.

The philosophy is to involve as many as possible in the Innovation process without disturbing the important day to day business.

We offer trained Innovation experts that will support clients to boost their Innovation Culture. We have a toolbox with a wide range of experience based methods and processes that can help to improve the innovation culture in many organizations.

  • Creative Workshops
  • Implementing Innovation Process for agile teams
  • Lean Start Up
  • Inspirational “Innovation Activities”
  • Internal/External Hackatons

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Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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