Smart Lake


The challenge for Jönköping county’s administrative board is to continuously collect valid water data from bodies of water in the county. Today such water data is collected manually once every month.

In a river just outside Jönköping's city centre, it has been observed that certain types of fish have stopped swimming upstream during their lekking period. This could be caused by high emissions of ammonium, for example. In order to confirm what the exact cause is multiple measurements would have to be collected regularly, in short intervals, every day for several days. This has not been done so far as it is a time consuming and labour-intensive manual task.



One solution to this challenge is to develop a LoRa-driven, water measuring equipment that can perform these tasks automatically. The Jönköping county administrative board wants to better understand the cause by frequently gathering data from that river. This equipment would allow them to collect data as often as required.

This solution would allow them to collect basic water data, such as temperature, Ph-value and turbidity, but also more advanced data such as the water’s ammonium and nitrite concentration. Once collected, this data would be sent via the LoRa-network to the county’s database, where it could later be fetched and displayed publicly on their website.



This is a step forward to combine environmental measurements and IoT in Jönköping, as this equipment can be installed for water measurements in other bodies of water, such as lakes.


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Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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