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The assignment has been carried out in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Mittuniversitetet, where the goal has been to get more students to stay in the region after completing their studies. In the region of Västernorrland / Jämtland, about 80% leave the region after completing studies at Mittuniversitetet which is negative for the local labor market.



How can we get more talented people to stay and move to our region using a new digital plattform with inspiration from social media, streaming services and by using VR?


Solution and idea

Our solution has been to create a web service where companies can present their workplace in a much more interesting way, partly using VR technology. The service is influenced by play services and social medias to customize the content for the visitor and create interest.



The project and prototype has been received very well by our test groups and the project is now in a financing phase and planning phase for launching a beta version during 2019.

Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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