In recent years, Augmented reality became more accessible for a wider audience. Finally, user experience can be good enough to start using AR for purposes that solve real issues. MemoAR is a startup that found a possible use case. Through their research, they learnt that people with early stages of dementia begin to avoid some daily tasks or social interactions because of problems with sudden memory loss. Forgetting who you are talking to or what you are speaking about during a conversation can be awkward and discouraging when interacting with people.

Their idea was to create an app that would combine a couple of useful functions like face recognition to help patients in daily situations. In the final version of the product their app will be implemented in some AR-glasses.


The main challenge of this project was to create a proof of concept prototype, to enable memoAR to evaluate their idea in real life and test this solution with people suffering from memory loss.


Our proposed solution was a mobile app that contains basic functionality from their idea. During discussions we decided to implement face recognition, speech to text and keywords finding. We chose Unity as a development platform, to be able to deploy the app to multiple operating systems.


The app we created has all the functionalities we wanted to implement. It has a user interface that enables to create a list of people you know and later recognize the person while speaking to them. It also has a speech-to-text functionality that enables to record a whole conversation. To make it easier to know what we spoke about, there is a bar on the top of the screen that displays all the keywords of the conversation.

Bartosz Libner

Embedded Software Developer

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