Hololens for Smart Factories


An automated factory is a dangerous environment, and visitors are only allowed to view it from outside of a protective cage. The challenge of this project was to let people properly explore the factory at their own pace without disrupting its workflow, at the same time present specific information of every machine in an attractive way, easy to access.


To solve this Challenge, Cybercom's Innovation Zone developed an augmented reality application for Microsoft Hololens, in which the user can interact with a virtual model of the factory, picking it apart to its components and showing three-dimensional exploding sketches of certain parts. The application uses a context-based interface where the user can intuitively interact with objects by looking at them while tapping their finger.


The application was presented to the project collaborators during the unveiling of the first factory at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Cybercom’s contribution not only helped showcasing the factory in a fun way, but also aided in demonstrating the potential of using augmented reality as a tool in future industry and entertainment. The application is likely the first of its kind and was met with much excitement and curiosity from the visitors.


About the project "Smarta Fabriker"

The AR application presented in this page was developed as a part of the project Smart Factories. Cybercom, as one of many partners in project Smart Factories, applied its compentence in Augmented Reality and Microsoft Hololens.

Smart Factories becomes reference in creating competence and spread knowledge about the digitalization of industries. The industry is a paradigm shift and the digitalization brings new opportunities to develop new smarter and more sustainable ways to produce and new smarter ways of working with automation.

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