As the idea behind InnovationZone is to be a some sort of a sandbox for adults, what would be a better fit as a project than a sandbox based on AR!


We organized a hack event, in which the main idea was to develop utilization possibilities for such technologies.

Sandbox is a mixed reality system developed by the University of California (UC Davis). We built our own version of the sandbox to examine the interaction between, among others, the people and the space itself. We also used the sandbox to visualize data and to utilize machine learning to enhance the interaction.

We also arranged a small competition to the participants, and got great ideas about the utilization possibilities.


We got several ideas of how we could further develop a concept like this in the future, most of them related to gamification. Also, we got really good insights on what AWS has to offer for AI-based solutions.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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