Hack a Bike


In this hackathon the challenge was to explore the possibilities and different opportunities of connected bikes. Teams were provided with electric bicycles and a hardware kit containing sensors, options for connectivity and Arduinos. Access to cloud services on Azure’s and Amazon’s cloud was also provided. The teams had 24 hours to go from a blank paper to prototype.



The winning solution fitted the bike with an accelerometer, a GPS and a sonar system to increase awareness of the surroundings for the rider using vibrations. The data being gathered by the system is presented on a heatmap with “close call” zones, areas where riders get very close to each other. Using the heatmap a municipality can increase the safety and as a result make more people comfortable riding bikes.



The hackathon was an eye-opener for the client on how you can work with innovation, sustainability and digitalization in an engaging and interactive way. Moving to a service-based and data driven business model enables the client to quickly add new offerings and remain competitive in the connected world.