Digital Water


The base request was brought in by a client – water supply agency in one of the biggest Polish cities. For the sake of the citizensmodernization of existing procedures is in order



The main goal to tackle with this PoC was to check if it is possible to shorten and automate the control procedure of tap water quality. It usually takes a few days to do it manually and thus makes it difficult to react promptly in case of any hazard.



The network of sensors has been developed allowing to gather and analyse chosen parameters of tap water like temperature, pH, turbidity, flow and even smell. The IoT solution is implemented with a web app, providing real-time control over all the sensors.‚Äč

The aim was to quickly identify and locate changes that might be indicating the alarming growth of microbiome.



As this technology is still developing and the available solutions would not meet the mass use expectations, the team developed solution which based on data coming from many sensors and Machine Learning can provide new kind of information about polluted water risk.

Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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