Delete - boost safety

The Nordic environmental service company, Delete, decided to boost safety at its workplaces within the demolition sites in Finland. When Cybercom was hired, it turned out that there were no ready-made solutions to address Delete’s challenge in a good way.



How to increase worker safety at demolition and constructions sites while preventing accidents between heavy machinery and workers. Proximity sensing is very common, but we needed to find a technology that works in harsh environments and is resilient to errors generated by the metallic and concrete surrounding.



We wanted to monitor the proximity of heavy machinery and alarm the operators if a worker gets too close. Innovation Zone came up with an idea to provide virtualized safety zones listening to the surroundings of the machines for radio frequencies and monitoring the ping signals from the beacons. This led us to develop a prototype consisting of custom developed Ultra-wideband (UWB) beacons and receivers. The UWB-beacon could be carried by the worker and the receiver unit would be mounted on the device.



This prototype allowed our customer to realize and validate the benefits of this cutting edge technology towards their specific need i.e. raising worker safety without disturbing work and productivity. A need for additional research into the technology was also discovered before production. This led to further co-operation between Cybercom and Delete that is still ongoing.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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