Café Hotspot


The challenge was to investigate how AWS Greengrass could be used for marketing and sales activities while using object detection.


We developed a real-time video AI that recognizes people and objects. The solution is also able to locate people in respect of the monitoring space.

Based on this, Café Hotspot comprises a heatmap depicting people’s movements around the cafeteria area. This information can be utilized to recognize different routes as well as “hotspots” on which the visitors spend most of their time. This could be seen as a part of the planning process of e.g. a store layout to see if placing the products on those “hotspots” would increase their sales.


The prototype was tested in multiple events where we validated that the solution could be useful. The idea was to use the solution through the edge device which can play locally using AWS Greengrass.

Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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