Biography of a Street


With the ever growing accessibility to motor vehicles for everyone, the problem of traffic congestions, air, noise and environment pollution will become even more prevalent. Finding a good balance between mobility and environment friendliness would be the best course of action in order to meet the sustainability goals. The way to do that would be to engage citizens and show them the consequences of unsustainable urban planning. Given the right approach, citizens can push for better city management if they are passionate and persistent enough.

What guidelines can help create an immersive experience of the past urban developments for the public in order for them to reflect upon the urban mobility patterns of the future?


Learning experience by showing the past urban developments. Since it is difficult to visualize how mobility patterns might have looked like in the previous decades, having an engaging and memorable learning experience can provide for better learning. This project analyzes and evaluates methods to deliver critical information about urban planning to citizens in an engaging manner. The focus is set on Linnégatan. Linnégatan is a historical street of Gothenburg. In the context of this project, a Biography is the information about the street in the form of visuals. We reconstruct a ‘picture’ of the past of Linnégatan in the form of an interactive timeline that allows travelling in time and space. The visualization also shows the mobility patterns of the street. The two main platforms that were used to test out the outcomes include an interactive touch-screen and a virtual reality experience. 


The reason to employ mixed reality is that we believe an immersive experience is more memorable than simple touch interaction. Providing a more memorable experience could be the catalyst for better citizen engagement when it comes to urban planning in a narrow perspective. The desired outcome of such interaction should ideally result in a transformative experience.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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