Employee Happiness Survey

2017-10-09, 19:44 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

Title: Employee Happiness Survey
Location: Göteborg, Sweden


A company’s most valuable asset is its employees, and losing key personal can have a severe impact on the company. But is it possible to detect if workplace satisfaction is decreasing, act and thereby avoid losing valuable personal?

This project aims to help companies gather employee satisfaction data and visualize it. The key idea is that by allowing companies to detect changes early, it increases the possibility to act before employees leave. It’s vital that the solution requires minimal effort from the employees, otherwise there is a risk that they won’t participate.


Use a device with touchscreen to gather data and send it to the backend. There, it will be saved and visualized on a dashboard. Present the dashboard in some intuitive way.


A touchscreen device presenting a web application. When an option is selected the application will send the data to a backend on Amazon Web Services. The data is saved in a database and visualized with QuickSight.

Competence Requirements

  • Python or Java
  • Amazon Web Services (Eg API Gateway, Lambda, QuickSight)
  • Basic jQuery or React

You’re not expected to know the technologies above, but you have to have an interest in learning them. The team working in this project will be mentored by an AWS Architect that will provide architectural feedback.

This project needs to be conducted by one or two students where at least one should be fluent in Swedish. 

Means and Location

This project is to be performed at team Innovation Zone in Göteborg which will provide industrial support and supervision. Thesis students will have access to workplaces at Cybecom Lindholmen and a dedicated mentor specialized in Cloud functionality.

Kick-off date and Contact

As soon as you are ready. We are ready to start!

For specific questions concerning this proposal contact Gabriel Ibáñez Romero, you can find his contact information right at the side of this article. Interviews are held continuously. To apply send your CV and cover letter to Gabriel Ibáñez

Short about this proposal and Cybercom

Since Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting company we have a wide range of clients in different sectors and that means we are always willing to explore new technologies in a large variety of different domains such as Telecom, Automotive, IoT, Machine Learning, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Cloud and Big Data, just to name a few.

The collection of ideas that we present to you intend to reflect that diversity, we at Cybercom hope that you can find them inspiring. May your idea for project not be among our proposals? Let us hear about it, we will always welcome your own ideas and proactivity.

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