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2017-10-28, 12:45 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

We made it again! We can now be proud to say that plenty of students have chosen us for our great ideas and innovative work environment, again this year! I will be glad to support them through Innovation Zone to get the best possible market opportunities at Cybercom after their studies. 

Thank you all Cybercom’s supervisors for your great ideas and energy: Johan Häggström, Gustav Svensson, Björn Kjellkvist, Philip Laine, Fredrik Ellis, Oscar Utbult and Venkata Sudhir. Very meritorious work, Katariina Leino, arranging our demo event last Monday. You are all contributing actively to the success of Cybercom’s Co-Innovation model and favoring alternative ways of sourcing. Congratulations, honestly!

Thank you also Leif Sandström, your idea Holocube has been one of the most popular ones among students! Well done!

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