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2017-06-05, 18:55 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

As IoT solutions provider, Cybercom's team Innovation Zone is proud to add value within the scope of Industrial Digitalization for project Smarta Fabriker. On Friday last week (2-June-2017) I had the chance to attend and present at the latest meeting with partners.

As Richard Hedman mentions at the video above, the project includes over 50 partners at the moment and counting, some of them are summarized at the picture below. Cybercom is glad to be among them.

Cybercom's contribution to the project includes different areas, Innovation Zone is responsible for:

  • Concept Machinebook for social networking between people and machines
  • Cloud integration of data from partners' API
  • Smarta Fabriker's mobile application in React Native
  • Augmented reality visualization of the factory and mounting guide

Among other technologies we make use of cloud Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's Hololens and React Native for hybrid mobile app development.

More info about Cybercom's concept Machinebook.

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