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2017-12-14, 18:01 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

I am glad to have the opportunity to support startups as Tracy, to make our World a better place to live at. A good example where Innovation Zone can make a difference.  

Tracy is a creative startup on a mission to bring Machine Learning to the IoT space in B2C markets. Tracy's first product aims to disrupt pet healthcare. They are building a self-learning pet wearable that gives your dog a voice by letting you know what it is doing, what it needs and it´s health status at any given moment in your smartphone.

Would you like to know more about Tracy?
Contact Tracy's co-founder 
Mikaela Pedersen at:

  • 0707727174

I have had cooperation with startups in different ways over the last few years,
shall we discuss new ideas?



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