Testing through Prototyping

2017-06-09, 14:43 Posted by: Irfan Khalid

Here at Innovation Zone (IZ), we get to work with all sorts of fun stuff. Sometimes we work with emerging technologies or even innovation processes. But sometimes, we just make simple prototypes for our clients to allow them to visually test the potential of ideas. One such case we recently worked on was for our client in educational sector where one of our consultants identified a need. The challenge for the customer was to find an easy, modern, quick and low-cost way to assess pupils’ language skills and communicate progress and needs between teachers and pupils.

Innovation Zone developed and demoed a prototype consisting of 1) Teacher view 2) Student view. Teachers could invite students and assess their language skills and students could view their assessment in the shape of a spider chart. Besides the prototype, an overall system flowchart was also developed. The prototype allowed the customer to visually understand how their challenge could be solved. This gave them insight and direction. The customer was impressed with Cybercom’s understanding of the challenge and speedy delivery of a requested demo. We used PHP (Web development) and CSS Javascript for this prototype. Of course, IZ had a great time working with this!

And that was just one of the cool things we do here.

Wish you all a great day!

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