Test Driven Development

2017-07-06, 14:50 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

I would not like to start my vacation without sharing Jan Krasinski's master lesson on testing for embedded systems & Test-Driven Development, the film was recorded in Gothenburg, April 2017.

 During H1 2017, team IZ has organized lots of activities including lectures, Innovation Fridays, DIY, workshops, MeetUps, emerging-technology talks,... I would like to use this chance to congratulate all of you who chose to share knowledge with your colleagues for it is you and your energy what makes Cybercom a great place to work at. Coleb Mujurizi, Petr Jung, Kirsten Knighton, Jan Krasinski, Taner Yavuz, Elin Lindberg,... I am certainly missing lots of names, thank you all!!

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