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2017-05-07, 18:35 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

Successful relationships with universities and schools in Göteborg gave us access to a large amount of students during Q1 and Q2 2017. As a result of it we have been able to engage in a large number of projects, great fun to be part of Innovation Zone's large team. 

The picture below summarizes ongoing projects and related partners, on this post I will also give a brief description of every project. As always, I hope you enjoy reading and I look forward to work with you during Q3-Q4 2017. 

Smarta Fabriker

The challenge for “Smarta fabriker” is to integrate data from industrial machines on a cloud solution and efficiently develop an educational, but still highly functional, application for iOS and Android that presents the information on real time and let’s the users interact with the smart factory.

The mobile application, among other functionalities lets the users create an order customized products from the factory, watch VR videos and see the real-time information and status about the smart factories.

The project was based on a 4 week pre–study. Developing the application in a hybrid language (React Native) allowed us to cut down on development time and resources greatly in favor of the customer. We have found that the React Native is an extremely good competence to hold as it minimizes the development time for hybrid application that doesn’t require the full native functionality suite that each platform holds.

Hololens Visualization for Smarta Fabriker

The work is being done in conjugation with the "Smart Factories" project, with the goal of creating an app for Microsoft Hololens capable of showcasing a model of the factory, and making it interact-able through the means of hand gestures. The app will include the ability to highlight individual objects and display technical information about them, or show exploding views to illustrate their internal composition.

The main challenge is to adapt the high-resolution CAD models to the limited rendering capabilities of a portable device, but also to create an interface which is intuitive enough to use without any requirement of preexisting skills from the user. 

Hololens Mounting Guide for Smarta Fabriker

The challenge is to make easy and fun mounting instructions running on AR-glasses. The product that needs to be mounted is cardboard glasses manufactured by "Smarta fabriker" as a big cardboard piece, which then is to be folded into the final shape by the customer, with the help of Cybercom's AR application.

The cardboard glasses will be modelled in the HoloLens as 3D-holograms, so the user can see a step-by-step demonstration of how the glasses should be folded. The instructions will be interactive and visual, highlighting the component which is to be folded.

The result will be a fully functional HoloLens application. The results can be generalized to other types of instructions, such as  manuals and furniture building instructions.

UWB Robot

  • Key competence: UWB, Arduino, I2C, SPI, PCB design, Kalman filter
  • Partner/Client: Internal Project

The challenge is to invert the traditional method of indoor positioning into a device that can track and follow a target using Ultra-Wideband. The main goal will be to demonstrate the ability of UWB tracking’s superiority over traditional methods such as machine vision by removing line of sight requirement.

Four anchors are placed on a small robot and communicate one by one to a target device using Ultra-Wideband pulses in order to determine the distance between the target and each anchor. Ultra-Wideband reaches ranging precision with measurements obtaining no more than 1.5 cm of standard deviation and an accuracy within no more than 2 cm. 

Bioloid Robot

  • Key competence:C/C++, RoboPlus and other robot related software
  • Partner/Client: Internal Project
  • Links: Bioloid manual

The purpose of the project is to transfer the control of the robot to a separate unit that can handle more complicated processing.

The project aims to place a Raspberry pi on the robot body, create an protocol between the units and introduce various technologies to the raspberry to enable simple control for the combined units.

The robot will be controllable with voice commands and be able to use simple image processing. At this point the extent of the control is not written in stone but the MVP is that the robot should be able to find a color with an simple voice command.

Tele2 IoT Challenge 2017

Tele2 IoT Challenge 2017 was a open competition for teams around to brainstorm and prototype IoT applications. There were 150 teams registered and Cybercom's Innovation Zone made it to the top 10. We made the film below to explain our IoT solutions and celebrate. 

Ekkono Smart Engine

Ekkono has developed a platform for machine learning on the edge and wish to showcase possible applications of this platform pertaining to predictive maintenance.

Innovation zone is developing a system which will be used to predict the behavior of a simple electrical motor, such as temperature or vibration of the motor. The load of the electrical will be able to be adjusted dynamically and Ekkono's machine learning engine will be deployed to a raspberry connected to a variety of sensors used to measure properties of the engine.

Talkpool - Network Monitoring

  • Key competence: Microsoft Azure, IoT, MQTT, ReactJS, Java and SQL
  • Partner/Client: Talkpool
  • Links: Talkpool website

The project aims to provide a solution for monitoring LoRa networks for Cybercom’s partner Talkpool. The solution will help network administrators and Talkpool’s clients to understand the current operating state of the network. TalkPool has currently deployed a LoRa network across multiple cities and will be supplying the measurement data. Cybercom’s Innovation Zone will be developing and deploying the monitoring solution, which will have a focus on a heatmap overlay that displays the collected properties received from Talkpool. This is aimed to give a broad understanding of the LoRa networks health within a timeframe in relation to its location. 

Talkpool - Smart Building

  • Key competence: Microsoft Azure, C#, ASP.net, Javascript and CSS
  • Partner/Client: Talkpool
  • Links: Talkpool website

Talkpool develops embedded modules that can be used in smart buildings to collect different kinds of measurements.

Talkpool currently has an application that can display this information but it is hard to map between sensor values and building. Innovation Zone is developing a web application based on Azure that will have an hierarchical view sorting the sensors into buildings, floors, apartments and rooms. The collected information will then be displayed with the help of graphs.

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