Programmering och Pannkakor

2018-04-30, 13:46 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

We were glad to welcome 60 middle grade students (11-12 years old) from Fiskebäcksskolan to our office in Gothenburg, to partcipate at Programmering och Pannkakor.

This visit introduces students to programming a robot (mBot) using mBlock, a graphical programming environment based on Scratch, with support from Cybercom experienced coaches. 

It's of course a great opportunity for students to identify themselves with IT industry and consider technical education as an option for their future career path. 

Get in touch and join our next run of Programmering och Pannkakor at Cybercom. It's fun, creative, hands-on and you don´t need to have any previous knowledge. 

Actity resources:

Film from Fiskebäcksskolan. It's in 360, you can also watch it on your VR glasses.

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