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2017-02-17, 16:50 Posted by: Gabriel Ibanez

Innovation Zone Göteborg – Newsletter

I forward some info about activities at Innovation Zone. Below you will find:

  • How big is Innovation Zone’s team in Göteborg?
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Innovation Model at Ericsson
  • Money Counts – Smart Factories
  • Knowledge Sharing in Göteborg

How big is Innovation Zone’s team in Göteborg?

Do you remember when we wrote Cybercom´s thesis proposals at the end of the last year? We can now be proud to say that plenty of students have chosen us for our great ideas and dinamic environment, our concept has no significant competition at Lindholmen.

Today’s Innovation Zone in Göteborg consists of 43 capable makers in different roles such as:

  • 2 Project Guardians
  • 6 Practice Supervisors
  • 1 Thesis Supervisor
  • 7 students who sit at the office full time
  • 3 students who sit at the office part time
  • 26 bachelor students who develop from home at Cybercom’s GitHub
  • 7 traditional IZ members (what’s usually referred as ”in between client assignments”)

I would like to thank you guys who made it possible, Cybercom’s supervisors Mina Alibeigi, Sebastian Johansson-Mauricio, Gustav Svensson, Mazdak Sanati, Alexander Hvidt-Andersén and Abdulla AlChalati. Very meritorious work Mazdak Sanati and Mikaela Lidström building key contacts and relations at Chalmers and Göteborgs Universitet.
Do you have great ideas for thesis/practice? Would you like to lead a group and develop further your ideas? Get in touch, we will together develop your ideas further.

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens is Microsoft’s brand new platform for augmented reality applications based on holograms.

One could test HoloLens for the first time in Göteborg’s office last week, thanks to the visit of Mina Alibeigi and August Bjälemark who borrowed the equipment from their current assignment at SKF. 

Definitely Innovation Zone is investing in Augmented Reality. We have already ordered our own equipment and conducted a pre-research of AR alternatives (Open Hybrid, Tango, HoloLens). HoloLen's reference group committed to define Cybercom’s offer for Augmented Reality consists of: Henrik Lundqvist, Gustav Svensson, Mina Alibeigi, August Bjälemark, Petr Jung and a group of 6 great students from Chalmers.

Innovation Model at Ericsson

We at Cybercom have got large experience working with innovation, it is time now to spread our knowledge and let our customers to benefit from what we have learnt.  

Congratulations Mikaela Lidström, Markus Hägerstrand and Mazdak Sanati for launching Innovation Model at Ericsson’s satellite, one of our largest customers in Göteborg. Congratulations Irfan Khalid, your successful concept spreads outside Kista, keep going Ericsson team! 

Let your clients benefit from Cybercom’s innovation concept, don’t hesitate to talk to them about Cybercom’s Innovation Zone.     

Money Counts – Smart Factories

Well, yes it does. And that’s why IZ team is getting payed for preparing a pre-study for project Smart Factories, in cooperation with GTC. A lead that we won last week thanks to the great effort of IZ team in Göteborg and the cooperation of IZ team in Jönköping. I am personally overwhelmed by the support I received from IZ leaders in other regions, among others Fredrik Ryden, Tarmo Pajunen, Tord Jansson and Mahmoud Passikhani, thank you all.

In Smart Factories we are building a platform for monitoring and operating connected factories, integrating data from ABB, SKF, Prevas and Good Solution’s APIs.

Knowledge Sharing in Göteborg

Last but not least, I would you like to thank you who shared knowledge with IZ team last week:

  • Petr Jung – Project Life-cycle, Safe and 
  • Kirsten Knighton – Interview Tips 

Next week, it will be time for Coleb Mujurizi to teach us all we need to know about Email Security.

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