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2018-10-21, 11:47 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero


IoT is a growing concept and new devices are constantly investigated and developed upon. These devices require a method to communicate with the internet, resulting in alternative wireless protocols which allow for low power usage. Technicians need tools to get a grasp on the current status of the network and to some extent the health of access points. Gateways act as communication bridges for IoT devices, which forward traffic to a conventional network. The goal of the project was to build a solution for this which would be a visualization of the network where coverage is the main focus and is defined by received signal strength indication (RSSI) and signal to noise ratio (SNR).


The solution is based on a frontend-backend platform where the frontend consists of a map with a grid that is colorized depending on filtering options. The required filtering options from the customer was RSSI, SNR and number of gateways covering a tile in the grid. The backend handles the data from IoT devices and ensures allowing for fast querying of spatial data. Data storage and structure was of great importance as it needs to be available instantly.


The developed platform helps visualize the network and technicians have a tool to ease the maintenance of the network and can more rapidly identify problems, troubleshoot errors and define the better positioning of new gateways.

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