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2020-04-09, 10:13 Posted by: Oscar Spaak

The engagement this weekend from all over the world was overwhelming, 7500 participants joined in to hack and delivered 530 ideas!

We got together and delivered 3 ideas from Cybercom and our makers joined other teams where one also won, congratulations!

Going together for the weekend to help solving problems with Covid-19 through Hack the crisis that was led by Myndigheten för digital förvaltning, DIGG.

Cybercom looked for makers to join in and we set up a team of 4 that hacked through the weekend. The picture is taken from the startup meeting arrange by our Innovation leader Irfan Khalid. The team started with ideation on friday and ended up with 3 ideas to present for the hack, as presented below. 

During the weekend the team got great support from Bartosz Libner, Innovation Leader Stockholm, and also took the opportunity from several mentors available from the hack.  

  • Vahid Akhoundzadeh Bafghi (Göteborg) - Developer
  • Ahmadreza Jahani (Göteborg) - Developer
  • Muhammad Hashim Ikram (Stockholm) – PM/Support
  • Oscar Spaak (Linköping) – Innovation Coach

  • Live Inventory Logistics with prediction: Logistics at hospitals today rely on set schedules for refilling supplies. This is a fragile system when bigger changes in the outside world occurs. It is not possible to stock for every change possible. With the use of sensors and different data sources we can create a system that can show inventory live and predict future usage.

  • Infection Probability App: Transmission of virus is high and a blind approach to reduce transmission harms businesses, economies and psychologically. App can use Bluetooth and movement of persons, record symptoms such as coughing sound and compare confirmed cases using machine learning to establish probability of transmission in real time.
  • UV Tunnels in Supermarkets: Vulnerable people staying indoors are still at risk to transmission through goods, groceries and visitors. Alcoholic disinfectants are not recommended for all goods since they are highly flammable and can damage the goods. Install UV tunnels at supermarkets where all bought goods go through and get disinfected.


A winner in the midst

Our wildcard was an email from one of our makers after the hack, Johan Ehrenfors from the kista office that together with 4 friends hacked a winning idea, CONGRATULATIONS!

“Telehelp – Bridging the Digital Divide”

Telehelp is a free service that lets people from a risk group call our number to get connected with local volunteers who want to help with everyday tasks, such as getting groceries. The solution is currently live at www.telehelp.se but contains a few bugs and lots of room for improvement. We think it would be very rewarding to continue building on our service and scale it up, ASAP. It could help a lot of people during the pandemic.

Read about all the winners

If you are interested in future hackatons and similar event, please contact your local Innovation Zone leader if you would like to participate or have ideas. 





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