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2018-03-21, 16:27 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

Hello Guys,

Cybercom’s Innovation Zone is forming a team to participate at Hack-for-Sweden in Stockholm. We would like to sponsor the trip for you and get you on board, details below.


Hackaton in Stockholm: http://www.hackforsweden.se/index.html
Hack-for-Sweden is a competition where the participants solve societal challenges with the help of open data over the course of 48 intense hours.


Weekend 13-15 April.

Would you like to join us?

  • Send a mail at gabriel.ibanez@cybercom.com
  • Include a couple of sentences saying who you are & why you should be in the team
  • Please include a link to your GitHub account, or any other alternative way to present your skills to us
  • Deadline: please get in touch latest on Friday this week (23 – March – 2018).  

Who are you?

You are a skilled cowhand, confident about yourself with strong interest in software development. Most important, you are willing to have fun and to know some new Cybercom colleagues :- )

Cost of the trip

The cost for you is expected to be noneWe will compete under Cybercom’s flag and therefore Cybercom will sponsor transportation cost.

We will also follow the advice of the organizers & get to sleep at their facility:

  • “You may spend the night in the facility, just bring your own sleeping bag. All meals will be provided, including drinks and snacks”


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