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2018-01-11, 20:49 Posted by: Gabriel Ibanez Romero

Innovation Zone Linköping has given us today the opportunity to participate in a 24 hours ebike hackaton as a part of Cybercom's collaboration with Cycleurope Sverige.

From 2016 to 2017 market share in Sweden has gone from 6,8% to almost 11% for electrical bikes and from 24.8% to over 26% for hybrid bicycles sold in Sweden, meaning ebikes is a rapidly growing segment.

Integrated electronics features associated with bicycles is one of the domains that Cybercom is exploring together with Cycleurope and its costumers, the focus during the hackaton has been set on sustainable transportation, including:

  • safety and security
  • performance
  • usability
  • communication and gamification

Cybercom's Innovation Zone was fully responsible for organizing the event, including 4 teams and 12 participant from all around Sweden.

Let's organize new hackatons together, get in touch with us!

Read more about Cycleurope.

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