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2018-05-29, 16:59 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

Welcome to Hack-a-bike's diary :- )

Sunday, 10-June-2018

The pitch of the winners, team Montain Lion. Congratulations!

Friday, 9-June-2018 -- 20:45

Congratulations Mountain Lion!! You are the official winners of Hack-a-bike!!
Congratulations also to team Rekardens for best usage of AWS's technology. Well done!!

Friday, 9-June-2018 -- 20:45

Ulrik Bengtsson (Cycleurope) announces the winner of Hack-a-bike.

Friday, 9-June-2018 -- 20:30

Group picture before announcing the winner of Hack-a-bike, 33 participants from 14 different companies supporting sustainable transportation.

Friday, 9-June-2018 -- 19:00

8 teams present their ideas and solution to the jury. Moment of truth after 24 hours of intense work...

Friday, 9-June-2018 -- 00:30

Torbjörn Svensson and Efrain Calderon Estrada has made it to the final of the midnight challenge. They are the 2 best Street Fighter players in the whole group... Contratulations!

Friday, 8-June-2018 -- 19:30

Welcome teams to Hack-a-bike! 33 participants from 14 different companies, welcome all!

Friday, 8-June-2018 -- 18:30

Konstantinos Effraimidis and Rajesh Vangari explain to us how to hack a bike.

Friday, 8-June-2018 -- 17:30

Thank you Ulrik Bengtsson for your contribution to Hack-a-Bike. Thanks to our partners Cycleurope, Crescent and AWS!

Tuesday, 29-May-2018

Hack-a-bike at Lindholmen Software Development Day.
Rajesh and Kostas delivered "Hack an E-bike workshop" (13:00 - 14:30), lots of people got interested in our hackaton.

Wednesday, 23-May-2018

First price from Cycleurope has just arrived to Cybercom office. 4 excellent brand-new bikes for the winner-team of Hack-a-bike.

Monday, 14-May-2018

Hack-a-bike in Göteborg will definetely happen! Today we have come out with an online invitation. We are also present in Meetup and LinkedIn together with our partners AWS, Cycleurope and Crescent.

Cybercom's reference team for Hack-a-bike:

  • Helena Lundén
  • Lena Hultin
  • Konstantinos Effraimidis
  • Rajesh Vangari
  • Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

Thursday, 22-Feb-2018

Game on. I have gone today to pick up our e-bike, it's time for us to start hacking it.

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