Göt Startup Hack 2017

2017-05-14, 18:41 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

Cybercom was proud partner of last week's Gothenburg Startup Hack 2017 (#GBGStartupHack), to support the community of participants we organized a workshop to explain the basics of Amazon AWS cloud service.

At the video below Anne Mansson (Amazon AWS Key Account Manager) and myself, share our impressions during the workshop.

As Anne Mansson mentioned, the remaining lack of people and skills around AWS in the area of Gothenburg, combined with our AWS partnership and proven AWS experience places Cybercom on a poll position as cloud partner.

At the video below, my colleagues at Innovation Zone in Cybercom Finland demo Cybercom's POC for visualizing realtime server data from cloud on HTC Vive VR glasses. The prototype was presented last week at AWS Submit in Stockholm.

Good reads:

Get in touch, I'll be glad to discuss Cybercom's AWS cloud offer in Gothenburg.

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