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2018-04-13, 11:46 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

About Hack for Sweden: https://hackforsweden.se/

Sunday, 16-April-2018, 10:00

Our submission is uploaded to Devpost! And we have pitched to the jury, The Pitches are done! It has been great fun to share laughters and knowledge with you Sandra, Kamila, Saya Altov, Joacim Eberlen, Henrik Edholm, Philip, Björn and Carl 

Saturday, 15-April-2018, 00:30

Sandra has still got the energy to play Ninja, well done!

Saturday, 14-April-2018, 17:00

Our solution will be called Civil Courage, a platform to bring closer local police departments and citizens. We have done already some research and found some interesting quotes at Polismyndighetens budgetunderlag 2018-2020

  • Det ökade antalet övriga anställda har hittills förstärkt den lokala utredningsverksamheten [...]. Att anställa civil personal möjliggör att polisiära resurser kan frigöras till andra prioriterade verksamheter

  • Det långsiktiga arbetet för att komma närmare medborgarna, stärka närvaron i lokalsamhället och öka tillgängligheten till polisen måste mot denna bakgrund fortsätta under perioden 2018-2020

Here is our proposal for business model. 

Saturday, 14-April-2018, 15:00

We have just chosen our official team name. Say hi to The Pitches.

Saturday, 14-April-2018, 08:00

Good morning Philip.

Friday,  13-April-2018, 21:00

We have finally started development. We have divided the team in 4:


Friday,  13-April-2018, 20:00

After 1'5 hour brainstorming and research we have decided to accept the challenge "May The Force Be With You" to create a solution that enables Police officers and Security Guards to cooperate and interact smoothly, in order to optimize service to citizens and society. Our solution will be called Civil Courage. It's time split tasks and to start coding. 

Friday, 13-April-2018, 17:00

Check-in and opening ceremony at Hack for Sweden. Over 150 participants from all parts in Sweden are gathered here. 

Friday, 13-April-2018, 14:00

Friday, 13-April-2018, 13:00

Great! We had some time to visit Cybercom Stockholm at Sveavägen. Irfan Khalid and team IZ Stockholm, thank you for taking care of us! It was very interesting to hear all the wonderful projects you guys are working with in Stockholm.

Friday, 13-April-2018, 9:00

On our way to Stockholm from Gothenburg Central Station, we don't know yet which challenge we will tackle. We are packed with development kits in our backpacks.

Our vision: 

  • Let's have fun
  • Keep an eye on UN Sustainable Development Goals


Friday, 6-April-2018

We have gone through some struggle to get our registration accepted, but today we can proudly say that all Cyberteam members have received their official inviation. We will travel to Stockholm next week!  

Friday, 30-March-2018

The join-us-campain  has been a great success! We are now 8 confirmed team members at Cyberteam, plus a number of people interested that will need to wait in queue to get a spot.  

Cybercom's dream team (CyberTeam):

  • Sandra Viknander
    MsC in Complex Adaptive Systems
    Tech stack: Machine Learning, Backend
  • Kamila Kowalska
    MsC in Complex Adaptive Systems
    Tech stack: Machine Learning, Backend, 2D-designer
  • Saya Altov
    IT-Security, Newton School 
    Tech stack: CTF - Capture the Flag. IT anti-Security. Chainsaw license
  • Joacim Eberlen
    Tech stack: Frontend (Javascript) / AR 
  • Henrik Edholm
    Tech stack: Java, Android, Python, Front-end in Angular/Node
  • Philip Laine
    Tech stack: Fullstack, cloud, phyton, SWIFT (iOS), Docker and so on
  • Björn.Kjellkvist
    Tech stack: fullstack, C# 
  • Gabriel Ibáñez Romero
    Tech stack: Innovation, IT-mama, I have some money that is actually not mine
  • Carl von Rosen Johansson
    Tech stack: Javascript, Php, C++, wireless connectivity


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