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2017-05-03, 10:52 Posted by: Gabriel Ibáñez Romero

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Ericsson Garage in Göteborg Sweden for the first time.

It was clear already then that Cybercom's Innovation Zone and Ericsson Garage share the same interest for enabling open innovation communities at Lindholmen Science Park. Our common taste for new ventures and creativity, lead us now towards a first common project together.


Last week we ran together Innovation Fridays at Ericsson Garage, a workshop for idea generation where 25 colleagues joined representing Cybercom, Ericsson and Chalmers University. Even the most bizarre ideas were welcome.

After fun brainstorming in groups we concluded that our common project should be about robotics and automated vehicles. We are currently defining high-level specifications for the project.

Below you can find a video interview between Lars-Erik Lindberg and me, both drivers of Innovation Zone and Ericsson Garage respectively. It was recorded right after Innovation Fridays.

I hope you found my post interesting and relevant. We will certainly write more in the near future about Cybercom and Ericsson common innovation projects, we will certainly keep moving forward towards a sustainable open innovation community.

More info about Ericsson Garage.

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