#AIComesHome with Fortum

2018-01-25, 13:51 Posted by: John Wibrand

Some thoughts from a Hackathon

#AIComesHome with Fortum

Fortum wanted to explore the use of AI assistants. We managed to learn, have fun and end up as a winning team.


Energy sector in change

Four global megatrends are shaping the energy sector.

  • Climate change and resources
  • Urbanisation
  • New tech and digitalization
  • Active customers

Fortum wants to be prepared for this and therefore organizes this hackathon with Industryhack to investigate AI assistants as interface to services in the home.

Our team

After leaving Jönköping very early we arrived to the scene of the hack, Fortums main office in Stockholm.

We were: Alex (Fullstack), John (IoT business models) and  Nigel (Big data and ML).



We had prepared quite a therefore didn’t spend much time coding. We spent more time talking to our mentors from Fortum and finetuning our idea.

(We were very impressed by the Microsoft virtual whiteboard.)

Our idea

We believe that many people want to live a more sustainable life, with their homes as a starting point. But they lack easy access to information about which actions that makes most sense for them.

By using their own energy consumption and living pattern as a base the AI assistant can advise them in what to do.

We choose to present the idea with the Value Proposition Canvas from Strategyzer. 


The presentation

Each team got a ten minutes slot with the Jury, five minutes presentation and demo and five minutes Q&A. We used a Google Home for the demo.

While waiting for all the teams to present a demo fair is held where you listen to the other teams ideas.



Our team was selected as one of the two winners! Alex handled the winning interview like a charm. (What is it with that guy and his facial expressions! (-:)

What now

The win means that we get the opportunity to pursue this further with Fortum. We are looking forward doing a pilot where we will test different assumptions and potential services.

Hints for other Hackathons

  • Listen carefully to the challenge and stake holders
  • Do some research
  • Take advantage of the coaching given
  • Keep the pilot proposal concrete
  • Have a mixed team

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