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Container pipelines: Jenkins X and OpenShift Jenkins Pipeline

The reasons to use container platforms, in a modern DevOps project, are to standardize and accelerate software deployments. In this context software pipeline means the technical steps starting from developers change to a repository, application build and Docker container build and finally delivering the tested change to the production on an OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster. We are going to quickly compare the readiness of OpenShift development tools versus the new project Jenkins X. The finding, to highlight here, is that there is no ready made solution that covers every aspect in software pipeline. OpenShift, Kubernetes, docker, DevOps

OpenShift news from OpenShift Commons Gathering

Some of us had opportunity to attend OpenShift Commons Gathering Helsinki. We wrote a summary of the highlights in this community event. open source, event, Cloud Services, DevOps, serverless, OpenShift, Kubernetes


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