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Technology for autonomous cars

Client case: This project was initiated by the French government and the EU in partnership with auto manufacturers Renault and Peugeot. In the years to come, a vast number of new cars will be equipped with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS is based on wireless technology that enables cars to communicate with one another via Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and with overhead traffic systems through Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). digitalisation, iot

Smart greenhouses offer efficient cultivation

Client case: Half the energy consumption with intelligent lighting technology. Digitalisation

Smart Lake

The challenge for Jönköping county’s administrative board is to continuously collect valid water data from bodies of water in the county. Today such water data is collected manually once every month.

Digital Water

Digital water project was built around very particular need - securing the access to fresh and safe water for every people using water from a particular water supply agency.

My Mid Sweden

How can we get more talented people to stay and move to our region using a new digital plattform with inspiration from social media,streaming services and by using VR?


Innovation Zones challenge of this project was to create a proof of concept prototype, to enable memoAR to evaluate their idea in real life and test this solution with people suffering from memory loss.

Cybercom safeguards Coop MedMera Bank's online services

Client case: Coop MedMera Bank was looking for a solution capable of managing customer logins and authentication using several different methods via a single login procedure. After searching the market, they selected Cybercom’s proprietarily developed IdentityHub service. Secure


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