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Game on!

Could online gaming open up new ways of running and optimising a container terminal? gamification, container, Industrial, IoT, AI, Machinelearning

The third log entry of the Mad Machine Learning Scientist of Cybercom

Machine intelligence solutions still require traditional software engineering, understanding requirements and tuning border cases and exceptions. Trust is a core enabler for implementing game changing systems. machine_learning, machine_intelligence, AI, artificial_intelligence, Software Development

Cybercom Machinebook

Cybercom Machinebook is a convergence of IoT, conversational paradigm and machine learning. Machinebook, machine_learning, IoT, conversational_paradigm, conversational_user_interface, industrial, AI, artificial_intelligence

Makers of tomorrow in Las Vegas - A brief overview of our AWS re:Invent 2017 journey

AWS re:Invent 2017 is over for now and our team of Makers will travel back to Finland and Sweden. The event itself has become somewhat of a yearly tradition for us in Cybercom and just like last year, this year’s event has not left us cold. The past week has included great energy, inspiring moments of learning, deep diving into the latest trends of cloud computing and of course time with our superb customers. aws, awsreinvent, cloud, cloudservices, AI, IoT, automation, PassionateSupportForAWS

Raw Data - The Cornerstone for IoT- and AI-solutions

How big a role does raw data play in the development and utilization processes of IoT and AI? IoT, HannoverMesse, AI, RawData

AI-powered personal trainer for financial autonomy

Cybercom supported Kronofogden’s Innovation lab to get funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, in order to develop a prototype that supports young adults at risk of having financial problems. Innovation, digitalisation, AI, chatbot

Nordic winner Jouni Luoma is ready for the DeepRacer Finals in Las Vegas

Cybercom’s Machine Learning specialist Jouni Luoma won the Nordics DeepRacer League in Stockholm and is one of the DeepRacer finalists in Las Vegas. Jouni has been busy with his studies, but now he has turned his focus to training new models to succeed on the new track. We interviewed Jouni to hear his thoughts just before the re:Invent week. AWS re:Invent 2019 starts on 2nd December in Las Vegas, Nevada. aws, Reinvent, deepracer, AI, ML, machine_learning

Next-generation of an AI-powered workspace

The Innovation Lab at Kronofogden (Swedish Enforcement Authority) joined forces with Cybercom to develop the next generation workspace, in order to improve the ability for enhanced debt collection. Originating from exploring the latest technologies and trends from an outside-in perspective, this initiative later led to a machine learning project. The starting point for this assignment was based on an idea from Kronofogden’s Hackathon regarding the automation of work tasks. Innovation, digitalisation, AI

Hannover Messe 2019 – Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the status of it all

It is time again to shake off the dust and get out into the wild to see what has changed in the industry. HannoverMesse, AI, artificial_intelligence, Security, 5G, platform


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