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IoT controls water and waste in Helsinki

Client case: HRM (Helsinki Region Environmental Services) plays an important part for the Finnish capital - the agency supplies more than a million people with drinking water, treats wastewater and manages the majority of waste produced in the region. iot

AR as a weapon against dementia

Client case: Innovation Zone teamed up with the start-up company MemoAR to test their idea: using AR to make life easier for people with early dementia. digitalisation

Easier commute on the way in Gothenburg

client case: Commuting is already easy in the Gothenburg region, and it is about to get even better. digitalisation

Cybercom supports young media users

Client case: The Swedish Media Council works to empower children and young people as conscious media users, and to protect them from harmful media impact. digitalisation

IoT saves spawning fish in the Lillån River

The assignment is to develop automated measuring equipment. The new equipment will make it possible to take the measurements virtually as often as they like. iot

Automower® Connect

Client case: To ensure a successful project, Husqvarna selected Cybercom for their experience and dedication as its development partner for important parts of the solution. Digitalisation, IoT, Advisory

Cybercom behind prize-winning

Client case: Cybercom developed the new website in 2013, and is responsible for its ongoing development. Digitalisation

Hololens for Smart Factories

Innovation Zone was challenged to display information of machines in an attractive way


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