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Hololens for Smart Factories

Innovation Zone was challenged to display information of machines in an attractive way

Furnishing idea using Google Tango

Innovation Zone developed a prototype for furnishing a home based on the technology. The application showed how different furninture looks in the room and gave also insight how to develop online shopping functions.

Operator Cambodia – Network performance and Frequency re-farming

Client case: Cybercom assessed the network key areas and generated a list of time-lined recommendations and implemented them to achieve better efficiency of the existing network while re-farming existing spectrum without CAPEX investment. Operators

Compliance Portal – valuable IT support at Södersjukhuset

Södersjukhuset works systematically and organisationally with its data and IT requirements, which apply to both business managers and system managers. Cybercom’s Compliance Portal IT support tool helps to reinforce these efforts. Compliance Portal, Secure

MSB – app for fire safety

Cybercom client case: An app for fire saftey by Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Digitalisation

Qmatic – valuating time

Cybercom client case: An efficient and user friendly commercial application for queuing systems. Digitalisation

MTV MEDIA campaign calculator

Cybercom client case: MTV MEDIA, Spotti TV campaign calculator. Digitalisation, Media

SL – Compliance portal

Cybercom client case: Stockholm Public Transport, Compliance Portal. Secure, Compliance Portal

SF Bio – app

Cybercom client case: Cybercom supported SF Bio in developing a new generation of mobile services. Digitalisation


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