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Technology for autonomous cars

Client case: This project was initiated by the French government and the EU in partnership with auto manufacturers Renault and Peugeot. In the years to come, a vast number of new cars will be equipped with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS is based on wireless technology that enables cars to communicate with one another via Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and with overhead traffic systems through Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). digitalisation, iot

Two things to ensure success with data utilization

Data is one of the buzzwords of the decade. Digitalization, internet and IoT, as well as evolvements in computing power, storage, cloud and related solutions have changed what we can expect from data and what we can do with it. data, digitalisation, IoT, cloud, dataplatform

Automower® Connect

Client case: To ensure a successful project, Husqvarna selected Cybercom for their experience and dedication as its development partner for important parts of the solution. Digitalisation, IoT, Advisory

Game on!

Could online gaming open up new ways of running and optimising a container terminal? gamification, container, Industrial, IoT, AI, Machinelearning

The secrets of MWC 2015

Three important trends at MWC 2015 for any company MWC, InternetofThings, iot

Blockchain at MWC 2017

Blockchains are really hyped right now and an area inspiring lots of startups, large companies investing billions and lots of articles are published. It comes for a reason, blockchain is just as disruptive as the Internet eventually became, it is Internet 2.0 crossing all sectors and countries with a new "tool" that will change the way we do many thing today. MWC, blockchains, IAM, IoT

Creation of digital services and solutions

Client case: To ensure a successful implementation Husqvarna selected Cybercom as one of its partners for creating the new department called Digital Solutions and Services. Digitalisation, IoT, Advisory

The world's most advanced sewing machine

Client case: To ensure a successful strategic roadmap SVP Worldwide selected Cybercom as its partner within connectivity. Digitalisation, IoT, Advisory

KONE's – E-Link™

Cybercom client case: KONE – E-Link™, A new monitoring and reporting system. IoT, Digitalisation

Makers of tomorrow in Las Vegas - A brief overview of our AWS re:Invent 2017 journey

AWS re:Invent 2017 is over for now and our team of Makers will travel back to Finland and Sweden. The event itself has become somewhat of a yearly tradition for us in Cybercom and just like last year, this year’s event has not left us cold. The past week has included great energy, inspiring moments of learning, deep diving into the latest trends of cloud computing and of course time with our superb customers. aws, awsreinvent, cloud, cloudservices, AI, IoT, automation, PassionateSupportForAWS


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