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Compliance Portal – valuable IT support at Södersjukhuset

Södersjukhuset works systematically and organisationally with its data and IT requirements, which apply to both business managers and system managers. Cybercom’s Compliance Portal IT support tool helps to reinforce these efforts. Compliance Portal, Secure

Oman – Quality control of telecom services

Cybercom client case: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the Sultanate of Oman awarded Cybercom a contract to conduct an audit and evaluation of the quality of telecom services in Oman. Operators, CEM

Karolinska University Hospital – Information security

Client case: Karolinska University Hospital needs to address information security in an authenticated and systematic manner in order to meet the current and future challenges of health care and medical care. Secure, Compliance Portal

Operator Cambodia – Network performance and Frequency re-farming

Client case: Cybercom assessed the network key areas and generated a list of time-lined recommendations and implemented them to achieve better efficiency of the existing network while re-farming existing spectrum without CAPEX investment. Operators

Technology for autonomous cars

Client case: This project was initiated by the French government and the EU in partnership with auto manufacturers Renault and Peugeot. In the years to come, a vast number of new cars will be equipped with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS is based on wireless technology that enables cars to communicate with one another via Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and with overhead traffic systems through Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). digitalisation, iot

Smart greenhouses offer efficient cultivation

Client case: Half the energy consumption with intelligent lighting technology. Digitalisation

MSB – app for fire safety

Cybercom client case: An app for fire saftey by Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Digitalisation

Danderyd Municipality – web strategy

Cybercom client case: Danderyd Municipality wanted to construct an external website and therefore needed to conduct a feasibility study with regard to needs and specifications. Digitalisation, Advisory


Cybercom client case: New website for Swedish nature experiences. Digitalisation


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