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Öppet Forum – Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack

Öppet Forum är en fortsättning på Makers of Tomorrow Leadership Hack. Vi bjuder på frukost och har ett fördjupat samtal med er som var på eventet.

Advanced Two-factor Authentication on AWS

I'm already using MFA, why should I care? Meet the Advanced Two-Factor Authentication on AWS taking security to the next level. AWS, Cloud, Security

Microsoft Ignite 2018 - The Sum-Up

Microsoft Ignite is counted as one of THE Microsoft events of the year, and the event of 2018 made no exception. Read more about the intriguing new releases and fantastic keynotes from the blog written by our Azure Lead Antti!

AWS Summit Stockholm 2018

Our visit to AWS Summit Stockholm turned out to be a great success - read what's up-and-coming on the field of Cloud Computing! Cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud Services, AWS Summit Stockholm, AWS

Reinvent 2017 – Some expectations and some predictions

Next week one of the main events of the IT and especially Cloud Services landscape takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. I guess if you are planning to go, you already have everything set up, as it is only under a week before it starts. And factoring in the fact that the event is sold out, so you would be out of luck, it you didn’t have a ticket secured. aws, awsreinvent, Reinvent, cloud, cloudservices, passionatesupport, serverless, Blockchain, security

Agile enables Time To Market, DevOps enables control

One of the biggest reasons to run any project with an Agile approach is to take distance from any form of waste to win time. agile, DevOps, Cloud, Cloud Services, TTM

Digital transformation requires business model innovation (2 of 3)

Digital transformation requires business model innovation (2 of 3) BMC, Innovation

Service design's Nordic roots

What is service design? A look at what it means to be a modern day service designer in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What is Fracking and why should I care?

So, too the question. What is fracking?  According to the article in The Independent, that talks about the political debate, fracking can be described as a process that releases oil and gas from shale rock by blasting a mixture of sand, water and chemicals into it at high speed and pressure.

One industry with a big impact that is easy to forget

We’re going to dive in to the 385.7 billion USD worth industry of fashion and the big impact the industry has on the environment and its people.


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