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Sandvik – a tunneling robot

Cybercom client case: Sandvik Mining and Construction. Designed the AI for a robot that has revolutionised mining. Digitalisation

Perstorp – joint website for the Group

Client case: Cybercom delivered a unified website based on the latest Sitecore version, allowing for future enhancements in the areas of digital marketing and insight-driven development. Digitalisation

Smart greenhouses offer efficient cultivation

Client case: Half the energy consumption with intelligent lighting technology. Digitalisation

A journey into the future of public transport

Client-case: Gothenburg’s ElectriCity project is developing public transport using renewable energy. Digitalisation

Kommunal – A social intranet

Client case: Cybercom was responsible for strategy, design and implementation in the construction of one of Sweden’s largest social intranets. Digitalisation

Outotec – Virtual ExperienceTraining

Cybercom client case: Outotec Oyj. A unique training concept used globally with a boost in service turnover for client. Digitalisation

National Maritime Museums

Cybercom developed an HTML5 based site for an information kiosk for visitors at the Naval Museum, showing what life was like on the gun deck of a ship. Digitalisation

EU Data Retention Directive

Cybercom client case: EU Data Retention Directive Digitalisation


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