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Moverex – Getting healthier with digital exercise

Client case: Cybercom has developed an app that can help motivate patients who have received a prescription to engage in more physical activity. digitalisation

IZ and Fortum hacking for sustainable energy

Client case: Fortum is continuing to develop tools for greener energy in the home and sustainable living, based partly on Cybercom’s AI solution with AI assistance and voice interface. Google Home is being used in the tests. digitalisation

Cybercom + Smart Factories = true

client case: Cybercom and our Innovation Zone are involved in creating the smart factories of the future. digitalisation

Smart greenhouses offer efficient cultivation

Client case: Half the energy consumption with intelligent lighting technology. Digitalisation

A journey into the future of public transport

Client-case: Gothenburg’s ElectriCity project is developing public transport using renewable energy. Digitalisation

Perstorp – joint website for the Group

Client case: Cybercom delivered a unified website based on the latest Sitecore version, allowing for future enhancements in the areas of digital marketing and insight-driven development. Digitalisation

ICT for Sustainable cities and communities

Reference case: Cybercom will provide the public administration with a service that will reduce the silos that separate units in the organization and improve the automation so improving the efficiency of services offered to the public. Digitalisation


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