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Technology for autonomous cars

Client case: This project was initiated by the French government and the EU in partnership with auto manufacturers Renault and Peugeot. In the years to come, a vast number of new cars will be equipped with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS is based on wireless technology that enables cars to communicate with one another via Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and with overhead traffic systems through Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). digitalisation, iot

Smart greenhouses offer efficient cultivation

Client case: Half the energy consumption with intelligent lighting technology. Digitalisation

Hololens for Smart Factories

Innovation Zone was challenged to display information of machines in an attractive way

Furnishing idea using Google Tango

Innovation Zone developed a prototype for furnishing a home based on the technology. The application showed how different furninture looks in the room and gave also insight how to develop online shopping functions.

Automower® Connect

Client case: To ensure a successful project, Husqvarna selected Cybercom for their experience and dedication as its development partner for important parts of the solution. Digitalisation, IoT, Advisory

Cybercom behind prize-winning

Client case: Cybercom developed the new website in 2013, and is responsible for its ongoing development. Digitalisation

ITAB – self-checkout system

Client reference case: The next generation of smart self-checkout system, called EasyFlow, for ITAB. Digitalisation

Karolinska University Hospital – Information security

Client case: Karolinska University Hospital needs to address information security in an authenticated and systematic manner in order to meet the current and future challenges of health care and medical care. Secure, Compliance Portal


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