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The third log entry of the Mad Machine Learning Scientist of Cybercom

Machine intelligence solutions still require traditional software engineering, understanding requirements and tuning border cases and exceptions. Trust is a core enabler for implementing game changing systems. machine_learning, machine_intelligence, AI, artificial_intelligence, Software Development

A log entry of the Mad Machine Learning Scientist of Cybercom

The Mad Machine Learning Scientist of Cybercom describes recent advances and ponders the philosophy of consciousness. machine_learning, deep_learning, artificial_intelligence, reinforcement_learning, unsupervised_learning, philosophy, consciousness, brain

Cybercom Machinebook

Cybercom Machinebook is a convergence of IoT, conversational paradigm and machine learning. Machinebook, machine_learning, IoT, conversational_paradigm, conversational_user_interface, industrial, AI, artificial_intelligence

Data Lake on ACID

Have you ever dreamed of a data platform that allows you to: Maintain versions of data sets used to train Machine Learning (ML) models; Provide full audit log to any changes made to the data; Have ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transactions in your data lake; Enables schemas to help with data quality; Handles metadata with ease? data, datalake, acid, azure, cloud, cloudservices, Lambda, machine_learning, ML

Nordic winner Jouni Luoma is ready for the DeepRacer Finals in Las Vegas

Cybercom’s Machine Learning specialist Jouni Luoma won the Nordics DeepRacer League in Stockholm and is one of the DeepRacer finalists in Las Vegas. Jouni has been busy with his studies, but now he has turned his focus to training new models to succeed on the new track. We interviewed Jouni to hear his thoughts just before the re:Invent week. AWS re:Invent 2019 starts on 2nd December in Las Vegas, Nevada. aws, Reinvent, deepracer, AI, ML, machine_learning


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