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Microsoft Ignite 2020 is about to start!

Our Azure Makers collected valuable tips for you to get the best out of Microsoft Ignite 2020 digital event experience. azure, microsoft, ignite

Serverless Data Lake

In this post, we talk about design process of a serverless data lake using cloud-native technologies. datalake, dataplatform, aws, azure, cloudservices, cloud

And the results are in – Gartners Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS 2017

The latest Gartner analysis on the Cloud IaaS is out and there are few interesting pointers and easily worth your time to read it through, if the area is of interest to you. cloud, iaas, azure, aws

No Two Servers Alike

A good way to avoid problems with unique servers, is to automate the provisioning and configuration of the environment with a fully automated and script-driven DevOps pipeline. servers, automation, devops, cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud Services, azure

IglooConf 2020 - my best picks from Azure conference

IglooConf - Harri's best picks from Azure conference azure, IPaaS, PaaS, LogicApps, iglooconf, cloud

Data Lake on ACID

Have you ever dreamed of a data platform that allows you to: Maintain versions of data sets used to train Machine Learning (ML) models; Provide full audit log to any changes made to the data; Have ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transactions in your data lake; Enables schemas to help with data quality; Handles metadata with ease? data, datalake, acid, azure, cloud, cloudservices, Lambda, machine_learning, ML

Heading to Microsoft Ignite 2019

Next November we are heading to Orlando to join Ignite 2019. I think it will be very exciting week to hear latest news from Microsoft and meet colleagues and customers. azure, Ignite, Cloud, cloudservices, Data, microsoft

Microsoft Ignite 2019 recap

Recap from Microsoft Ignite 2019 event. azure, microsoft, ignite, Sustainability, azurestack

PolarConf 2018 in Retrospect

PolarConf is an event filled with IT pros and professional speakers. Moreover, it is an event with no marketing and sales mambojambo, and in that sense has a lot more to offer to the ones visiting. Read more about the fantastic PolarConf! PolarConf, azure


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