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The latest Internet trends

We are rapidly approaching the summer vacation for 2014 and with that we have also covered half of "The year of Internet of things". So fare, I think that the trend predictions from late last year has been spot on. Internet of things, Connectivity

And the results are in – Gartners Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS 2017

The latest Gartner analysis on the Cloud IaaS is out and there are few interesting pointers and easily worth your time to read it through, if the area is of interest to you. cloud, iaas, azure, aws

Exciting times for AWS customers and partners in the Nordics

AWS announced last week that they are planning to open up an AWS Region in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018. AWS, AWS Summit Stockholm, Cloud Services

Streaming The Data

Streaming The Data Kinesis

Next generation Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The great new blog post The Evolution of Managed Services in Hyperscale Cloud Environments was published in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog last week. It makes me wonder what does that really mean for us as a Nordic Cloud MSP helping our customers utilizing the AWS benefits in their daily business. aws, MSP, ManagedServiceProvider, Cloud, Cloud Services, Datacenter, IAM, Advisory, PassionateSupportForAWS

Public Cloud - Someone else's Data Center or something else?

There's been some time this one internet meme has been going around. It says: " There is no cloud - it's just someone else's computer "

Where should you store your data?

What can you trust in the IT sector? Where can you store critical data? If your own data hotel is full, should you build a new similar one next door? Or, could you go elsewhere when necessary? digitalisation, cloud, cloudservices, safeharbour, bimodal, cloudstrategy


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