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The assignment

In partnership with the Municipality of Eksjö, Cybercom has developed new websites for and using SiteVision, a web publishing tool. The assignment covered the complete process from drafting the concept for design, structure, and content and a workshop where needs were identified, to development, training, and implementation of the ultimate solution.

Objectives met with new website

The main objective of the project was that should make it easy to find inspiration and information about Eksjö as a great place to live or visit.

Enhanced digital communication - The site should be perceived as attractive and inspiring, both visually and from the user perspective. It is easy for new and repeat visitors to navigate and find what they are looking for. The information on the website is clear, current, and accurate. Naturally, the site must be search engine-optimised.

A channel to social media – Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are important channels of communication and are considered complements to the site and the municipality’s public communications. Site content can easily be shared on social media.

Greater transparency and insight are provided in various ways, including providing access to open data, key figures, and web TV broadcasts of municipal council meetings.

Continuous monitoring and development - Methods and procedures for measuring and monitoring the user/customer experience were developed. The new sites support internally efficient methods and streamline the editorial process for the site's web editor - “Doing it right is a sheer delight.”

Johan Stenborg

Business Manager

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