Smart greenhouses offer efficient cultivation

Half the energy consumption with intelligent lighting technology

Swedish start-up company Heliospectra develops intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse cultivation. By using a specific lighting combination for each species, growers are able to fine-tune appearance, taste and growth, and thus enhance quality and reduce waste in production. At times when there is strong natural sunlight, Heliospectra's LED lamps can be wirelessly powered down, and then be powered back up in cloudy weather. This is a big step in terms of sustainability performance compared with existing greenhouse lighting.

Cybercom has conducted a number of pilot studies, including a project to investigate how sensors can be used to measure light frequency, light strength, temperature and humidity close to the plants. This makes it possible to dynamically control each lamp to accommodate the illuminated plants' specific needs, and to optimise the frequency and light level. Cybercom has also developed a solution to capture 3D imaging of the plants to allow growth comparison under differing light conditions.

Staffan Hillberg, CEO Heliospectra:

"We have worked with Cybercom on several projects. They are innovative and think outside the box, and I appreciate that they get us to think in new ways."

Heliospectra has won several accolades, including the WWF's Climate Solver award for its unique lighting technology.




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