Outotec software development boosted by cloud services

Thanks to Cybercom's Managed Cloud Services, Outotec obtained more efficiency in application development, but also products of a higher quality. The new cloud service has been introduced extensively in application development, and the operating environment has been extensively automated through it, and can be repeated.

The goal of Outotec was to improve IT infrastructure management in its software and application development. The company wanted to make its IT infrastructure faster and more flexible because in some cases, the old infrastructure even slowed down product development. 

Outotec provides technology and services mainly to industries focusing on mineral processing and metal production. The company wanted that infrastructure would optimally serve software product development.

The Cybercom Cloud service was introduced in Outotec's software development projects. As a result, Outotec's IT infrastructure is diverse, quickly scaleable, easy to manage, and cost-effective. The Cybercom Cloud service has made Outotec's software development more effective in many ways because building, testing and development related to it is now optimally automatic and can be repeated.

It is also significant that Outotec will now quickly get new cloud capacity in a few minutes and will only have to pay according to actual use.

In short

Cybercom used the agile DevOps model to implement the easily manageable cloud service to Outotec. The cloud capacity is easy to manage, scale and automate.

The cloud service was connected flexibly to existing software development services.

The cloud service is based on OpenStack technology.

The user interfaces consist of an easy-to-use management portal and an API (Application Programming Interface). 

Bo Strömqvist

Head of Sales Cybercom Group

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