Mobile operator - Bangladesh


Client had a need to engage consultancy company to assess the CAPEX/OPEX efficiency for its operation in Bangladesh. Main objective is to assure that investments are being made in the right place, in the right time and in the right way, and highlight the over spent areas.


Cybercom performed extensive analysis on the projects deployed in three years’ period, and evaluated the CAPEX spent efficiency and effectiveness. The analysis included the input requirements from commercial, the solution proposed by technical, the solutions deployed and the results obtained.


Cybercom identified areas with CAPEX overspending, mainly related to design/planning guidelines, solutions, among other areas, and provided recommendations for CAPEX efficiency and ROI improvement for future projects.

Cybercom managed to quantify the overspent per area in terms of quantities and related prices.



Andreas Carlberg

Head of Business Transformation & Offerings

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