ITAB – self-checkout system

The interest in solutions for secure self-service checkouts and payments in stores has increased significantly in recent years. Market-leading shopfitter ITAB has now introduced the next generation of smart self-checkout system, called EasyFlow. The customer simply places the goods on a conveyor belt and the system automatically detects and registers all the items, even those without barcodes.

In the autumn of 2014, EasyFlow was installed for the first time in a Swedish store and the plan is for the system to gradually spread to stores in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.

During the development project for the new checkout system, ITAB chose Cybercom as its technology partner to strengthen its own development department.

According to ITAB’s CEO Ulf Rostedt, there are powerful arguments for the grocery industry to invest in this type of self-service checkout, not least for the working environment.

“A system like EasyFlow improves availability since the self-service checkouts can always be open, helping to optimise in-store customer flow. Shop owners also have great potential to improve their working environment for staff, who can be relieved of monotonous checkout work.”