IoT saves spawning fish in the Lillån River

When everything is as it should be, the fish in the Lillån River near Bankeryd swim upstream to reproduce. The problem is that they have virtually stopped doing it – probably due to discharges to waterways of pollutants including ammonia. The Jönköping County Administrative Board monitors several water values to protect the river and its ecosystem. At present, measurements are taken manu­ally on site, but not often, because this is extremely time-consuming and labour intensive. To address this issue, the County Administra­tive Board has begun working with Cybercom.

The assignment is to develop automated measuring equipment. The new equipment will make it possible to take the measurements virtually as often as they like. All values will be transmitted to the County Administrative Board’s database using the IoT LoRa (Long Range) technology and then made available to all. IoT that is rein­forcing environmental measurements and environmental protection is undoubtedly a step in the right direction!


Goal 14: Life Below Water. The goal aims at preserving and sustainably using oceans and marine resources for a sustainable development.