Cybercom behind prize-winning


Universeum in Gothenburg houses science exhibitions, technology experiments, aquariums, and a lot of rainforest. Using a variety of initiatives and exhibits, Universeum actively strives to develop the curiosity of children and young people in science and technology. Cybercom and Universeum are working in partnership in these important efforts for Sweden’s future and for its continued competitiveness. We have jointly implemented interesting projects, including connecting animals in order to assist with research and tracking.

Another element has been to develop a new and attractive solution for the website, in order to make this an integral part of the Universeum experience, and to capture the interest of young people both before and after they visit the 10,000 square metre science centre. 


Cybercom developed the new website in 2013, and is responsible for its ongoing development.

In line with Universeum’s goal of making knowledge available and of raising awareness that inspires young people to learn more about technology, Cybercom chose to develop a responsive site that provides an inclusive experience, whether accessed from a phone, tablet or computer.

To capture the curiosity of a young audience, we also chose to go with a visually appealing and open-source site, using image-rich content to reflect the social media experiences of young people.


The new site has been very well received since its launch, and was recently named best tourism website 2016 by Internetworld, with the motivation:

“The stylish and fully-loaded site, where images are given space, inspires children and young people to learn more about science and technology. The site is also fully interactive and admirably easy to navigate. One simple yet clever detail is that the current day's opening hours appear on every page.” 

Universeum won this prestigious accolade among intense competition from Destination Gotland, Fotografiska, and Liseberg.

“Our aim was to build a website that inspires people to explore science and technology, while we wanted to attractively convey what Universeum has to offer. The website should be the hub of our digital presence. Being named Sweden’s best tourism website is fantastic, and demonstrates that our ideas were the right ones and that we have done it in the right way,” says Eric Edblad, marketing manager at Universeum.


Goal 4: Quality education. The goal is aimed at ensuring inclusive, equal and high-quality education and to promote life-long learning for everyone. The Swedish Media Council contributes to both education and democratisation by increasing awareness of media among children and youth.